Need To Speak With Someone Sooner Than The Next Meeting?

Sometimes you may need to speak with someone between meetings. You can call us on our Telephone Outreach line.             

Telephone Outreach:  (917) 300-3706 (Leave message - someone will call back within about 48 hrs)

Announcement from Sara Ziegler as posted in Compassionate Friends Leadership

Anger in grief can be very debilitating for many of us. Join grief guru Dr. Bob Baugher, Dr. Gloria Horsley, Dr. Heidi Horsley and TCF Executive Director Alan Pedersen for a very informative webinar "New Years Resolutions - Dealing with Anger." The webinar is free and available now, sponsored by The Compassionate Friends and Open to Hope. Click the link below to watch.

This webinar brought to you by The Compassionate Friends and the Open to Hope foundation.